Compassionate Care In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Specialized Support & Recovery Care

Many times our loved ones require additional support as they deal with a chronic illness or disease.  Often these illnesses require special dietary/nutrition plans, specific and clear ways of communication, specialized exercise programs and special knowledge of the illness so issues or condition changes are recognized and immediately addressed.  Gentle Shepherd Home Care hires experienced caregivers with the knowledge and skill necessary to support your loved one.  Additionally, we provide our caregivers with on-going specialized training to support the conditions listed below:

 Cancer Support Care
 Dementia Support Care
 Diabetes Support Care
 Chronic Arthritis Support Care
 Stroke and Heart Support Care
 Post-Surgery Support Care
Post- Hospitalization and/or Surgery Care

Caring for your loved one after a hospital discharge often requires specialized care and home care services.  After a hospital stay, returning back home can be difficult and present new challenges for your elderly loved one.  Elderly individuals can face a roller coaster of emotions during the transition.  If a senior has become more frail or lost their independence, getting re-acclimated may require additional services, such as physical therapy, visiting nurses and increased assistance with daily activities.  Home Health Professionals such as visiting nurses, physical therapist, physicians, and social workers will assess the needs and how best to care for your loved one once they are back home.  Gentle Shepherd Home Care is there to ensure your loved ones caregivers are being proactive and communications among the care team is happening. Additionally, they will ensure the “care plan” is up to date and properly reflects post-hospitalization care requirements.

Gentle Shepherd Home Care is there to help your loved one recover and to reduce the chance of re-admission by providing the following:

 Meal preparation for special dietary needs and nutrition
 Hourly, daily, weekly, overnight, weekend or 24/7 care
 Clear communication and alert of any changes in condition, eating or bathroom habits
 Transportation to and from follow-up doctor appointments and treatment centers
 Housekeeping & Pet care
 Errands to pick up prescriptions, grocery shopping etc.
 Assistance with mobility, bathing, dressing and grooming
 Fall prevention
 Coordination, scheduling and reminders of doctor appointments, specialist and therapist
 Medication and Exercise reminders
 Assistance with daily activities
 Companionship and compassion, as post-hospitalization can be a scary time for seniors who at times need a compassionate caregiver to just listen and empathize